SEA-DOO Watercraft Covers By Covercraft

SEA-DOO Watercraft Covers By Covercraft


Custom-Patterned Watercraft Covers

Premium custom-patterned covers provide maximum protection and are loaded with features that make the covers easy to use.  Covercraft covers protect against ultraviolet (UV) damage, bird droppings, tree sap and air pollutants - elements that can ruin the finish of an expensive watercraft.

Designed for use while trailering, choose from two marine-tested fabrics that will protect the body, paint and graphics from the elements.  Both materials are made using stable dying processes to assure the color won't transfer to the watercraft, a problem that can occur with low-quality cover fabrics.

Choose from two fabrics to help protect your PWC


 A preferred fabric in the marine industry, Sunbrella is made from solution-dyed woven acrylic fibers that provide almost 100% UV opacity to stop UV rays from reaching the gel-coat, graphics, rubber and seating material on your watercraft.  The solution-dyed process is eco-friendly because the color goes into the polymer BEFORE the fibers are extruded, so the color is solid throughout the woven fabric.  Sunbrella is very fade resistant and that's why you'll see it in marinas used for sail covers, bimini tops and boat enclosures, and it's also used for most high-quality outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas and awnings.  The acrylic fibers naturally resist moisture, rot and mildew - for maximum long-term UV protection Sunbrella is the best choice!  Sunbrella covers carry a five-year limited warranty to the original purchaser.  (Covercraft will repair or replace any cover that becomes unserviceable during normal use - subject to factory inspection).

Glen-Tuf™  Made of woven polypropylene by the same mill as Sunbrella, this surface-dyed fabric was developed to provide a less expensive alternative to Sunbrella while still maintaining good abrasion resistance, an important criteria for any material used while towing.  Polypropylene fabric resist moisture, rot and mildew and is coated for UV resistance.  Glen-Tuf is better than most OE and import covers and inlides all the great features noted below.  Glen-Tuf covers carry a three-year limited warranty to the original purchaser.  (Covercraft will repair or replace any cover that becomes unserviceable during normal use - subject to factory inspection).

Features & Benefits

  • All stress seams are overlapped and double stitched for superior strength.
  • Strong, bar-tacked tie-down loops secure cover on watercraft for trailering.
  • The underside of the cover has heavy-duty, double layer reinforcement panels in high abrasion areas.
  • There are reinforced openings for trailer pins and security straps.
  • An adjustable, heavy-duty, multi-strand shock cord is sewn around the entire hem.
  • Reflexite® safety reflector strips are sewn on the back end of the cover to give additional warning notice when
    the watercraft is moored or on a trailer.  (Reflexite meets both Federal and USCG specifications.)
  • Behind the handlebars, along the top of the cover, there is a non-scratch, corrosion-free access zipper for vest and wet suit storage. 
    There is also a sewn-in quick-dry mesh bag, with hook & loop closure, for storing gloves, goggles and other small items.
  • Zippered gas cap access panel allows fueling while the watercraft is on a trailer.


Model / Years Fabric Item No.
3D (2004-06) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW473D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW873BL
GSX (1996-97), GSX Ltd (1997-99), GSX RFI (1999-2000), GS (1997-01), GSi (1997) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW436D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW836BL
GT (1990-91), GTS (1992-00), GTX (1992-95), GTi (1996) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW412D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW812BL
GTi (2001-05), GTS (2001), GTi LE (2002-05), GTi LE RFi(2003-05) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW459D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW859BL
GTi SE (2006) with mirrors Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW477D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW877BL
GTi SE (2006) NO mirrors Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW478D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW878BL
GTX (1996-97 & 2000-02), GTX Di (2000-01), GTX Rfi & Ltd (1998-02), GTi (1997-2000) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW435D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW835BL
GTX 4-TEC (2002-05), GTX 4-TEC SC & Ltd (2003-05), GTX 4-TEC VTCE (2003-05), GTX Di (2002-03), RXT (2005-06) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW460D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW860BL
GTX, LTD, SC, Wake (2005-06) & Wakeboard (2004), RXT (2005-06), Wakeboard (2004), Wake (2005-06), no tie down opening at rear Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW474D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW874BL
GTX, GTX Ltd, Wake (2007-08), RXT, RXT-X (2007-08) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW479D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW879BL
HX (1995-97) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW434D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW834BL
Jet Boat - Speedster, Sportster, Challenger - all 14.5 feet Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW440D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW840BL
LVR (2000-01), LRV DI (2002-03) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW454D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW854BL
RX (2000-02), RX Di (2000-03), RXX (2001) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW455D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW855BL
RXP (2004-06) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW468D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW868BL
SP 580 hull w/o grab rail (1988-93) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW413D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW813BL
SPi / SPX 580 hull w/grab rail (1993) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW420D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW820BL
SP / SPi 650 (1994-97), SPX (1994-99), XP 650 hull w/grab rail (1993-96), XP 650 hull w/grab rail (1993-96) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW423D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW823BL
XP 580 hull w/grab rail (1992) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW411D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW811BL
XP (1997& 2000-02), XP Ltd (1998-99), XP Di (2003-04) Sunbrella - blue CCI-XW446D1
Glen-Tuf - blue CCI-XW846BL