10' ROK Adjustable Elastic Cargo Luggage Strap 200 lbs

10' ROK Adjustable Elastic Cargo Luggage Strap 200 lbs
Item# EPI-ROK114
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Product Description

At last, an elasticised strap system that is strong, versatile, and safe!"

ROKô All Purpose elasticised straps are perfect for home, work, or recreation. Their patent-pending designs incorporate inherently superior design qualities to maximise safety, strength, ease of use and long life, and are available in two "easy to choose, easy to use" options:

Rok Strap - The Ultimate Elastic Strap - 165- 200 lbs test

Stronger, lighter, more functional and wider for great wear protection than standard bungee cords
Will last 3-6 times longer than standard bungee in the sun and weather!

  • Stronger, Safer Double Shanked hooks
  • Plastic coated non-scratch hooks
  • Rot proof and UV resistant durability
  • Double stitched for great strength
  • Roll resistant flat design is stronger and safer
  • Unique profile solid natural rubber core lasts longer
Product Description:
Combines a long length of webbing with a short length of our unique flat shock cord. An adjuster buckle joins both portions together and allows easy adjustment of strap length. Each extremity of the strap is fitted with a specially shaped plastic coated steel hook that allows each portion to be wrapped around anchoring points in a permanent fashion, or simply hooked on to an anchoring point. Superior design qualities ensure the highest levels of safety, strength, ease of use and long life.
How many times have you said to yourself:
"I want something that is stretchable like a Bungee Cord, and adjustable like a ratchet strap, and I want it easier and quicker to use, safer, and non-scratching!"

Well here it is: the ROKô All Purpose Adjustable.

Permanent connection
- Specially shaped hooks and the ability to separate the strap into two halves allows each half to be permanently connected to anchoring points (view photo)
Best Hooks
- Double Shank Steel for extra strength and hold
- Plastic coated for scratch protection
- Rounded ends to minimise risk of eye damage
Strongest, Most Durable Rubber
- A solid core of 100% natural rubber provides superior strength, tear resistance and resistance to deterioration.
Best Braiding
- Tight-knit polyester for superior wear resistance
Best Cargo Protection
- Flat Surface avoids excess pressure-marking on cargo
All Rot-Resistant Materials
- Superb durability under the widest range of climactic conditions
Easy to use
- Can be adjusted before or after attaching cargo
- Both ends can be permanently attached to anchoring points - just
  snap the buckles together and tighten!
Superior Design Qualities