RBP HP+ Diesel Power Fuel Additive - FREE SHIPPING!!

RBP HP+ Diesel Power Fuel Additive - FREE SHIPPING!!
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Product Description

RBP Diesel Power High Performance Diesel Additive Contains 5% Cetane

RBP High Performance Diesel Additive AS SEEN ON TWO GUYS GARAGE!!


RBP’S diesel fuel additive lubricates your fuel injection systems helping double the life of your injectors and injection pump. RBP’S Diesel Additive totally disperses water, lubricates cylinder walls, controls waxing and gelling, prevents formation of algae, harmful acid, decarbonizes combustion chamber. Our 16oz bottle treats up to 500 gallons and contains no alcohol.

RBP's performance blend gives you a 5% Cetane Gain, Increases Horse Power, cleans diesel fuel build-up off your injectors and lubricates them. This will also increase your fuel mileage. If your fuel mileage is low; It is most likely due to your injectors.

Water is welcome almost everywhere-except in your diesel engine. Water in diesel fuel damages injectors, corrodes tanks and fosters the growth of bacteria. Our highly-concentrated HP Diesel Power Additive removes unwanted water to protect your engine and keep it running smooth. Diesel Power is also an all in one package which contains lubricity. Increase your engine's performance by giving Diesel Power a place in your engine today.

RBP’S diesel additive can be used in all diesel engines including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, VW, Mercedes, Cat Motors, Big Rigs, Heavy Equipment and all Marine Applications.

  • 100% Active ingredient.
  • Doubles the life of the injectors
  • Improves fuel economy by 10%
  • Eliminates the formation of algae and harmful acids
  • Decarbonizes combustion chamber
  • Cleans injection system
  • Lubricates cylinder walls to prevent corrosion of metals in contact with diesel fuel
  • Only uses 1 oz. for every 32 Gallons of fuel
  • Prevents waxing and gelling
  • Reduces exhaust smoke
  • Totally disperses water for complete combustion
  • Contains lubricity additives
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