Uni CVT Filter Yamaha Rhino A Must Buy!

Uni CVT Filter Yamaha Rhino A Must Buy!
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Air cleaner for CVT cooling intake.

This is the one part Yamaha forgot to put on from the factory. Yamaha is only using a rain shield (if you want to call it that) that protects the inlet of your CVT. This inlet is located behind the drivers seat on your Rhino. It is an important inlet as it allows cool air to be drawn into the CVT housing to help cool the CVT. Unfortunately for many Yamaha Rhino owners, they learned about this only after taking there Rhino to the sand dunes and coming home with a damaged CVT. The factory rain shield is not enough protection for any dirty, dusty or sandy off road conditions.

Using a UNI two stage filter you can in a matter of minutes protect your wallet and your CVT from expensive repairs. The unit fits right on the end of your snorkel tube and replaces the factory rain shield. This tube is located right behind the driverís seat and should only take about 5 minutes to install.

Not only should this always be used when playing in the dunes (based upon our first hand experience) it's not a bad idea to run this filter in all dirty, dusty situations.

Note: This filter should be cleaned and checked just as often as your main intake filter needs servicing. With Uni's two stage design a pre filter is not required, it is built into this filter. For maximum protection use Uni filter oil on this filter.

This Filter Fits:

  • 04-07 - 660 Yamaha Rhino CVT Inlet